We Need To Do Many Things For School Security For Our Kids

Security and Safety will be a significant topic of discussion in most schools now, but every effort should be made to keep that concern and awareness at a high level over the long term. For too many organizations and industries, security and safety only becomes a high priority after a serious incident. For example, security consultants like me often don’t get called in until after a major incident has occurred.

While it’s certainly good to promote school spirit, lanyards serve a much more important purpose by making it much harder for a would-be intruder to impersonate a school student, employee or visitor. The lanyards can be customized to be school-specific. That allows administrators and security personnel to quickly tell if someone is wearing a different style of lanyard and trying to blend in. Different school groups can even have their own customized lanyards to represent their organizations. Bands, cheerleaders, glee clubs, sports teams or other organizations can customize their lanyards with their own logos or messages. The lanyards can play a positive role in increasing group cohesion and camaraderie. Schools and workplaces where an atmosphere of civility and respect has been established tend to be safer places. Where people manage, teach and relate according to the Golden Rule and where people treat each other with respect, feelings of isolation, resentment and revenge are less likely to build and fester. This is especially true during situations that are stressful and could intensify feelings of resentment, often called triggering or precipitating events.

One way of increasing the acceptance of lanyards is through the use of bright colors. A bright custom lanyard color with bold lettering will stand out and make a fashion statement that might please those who wouldn’t care for a standard school colors style. We can choose some good tools such as siamese cable and 16 channel dvr in cameras systems

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