What Is The Appeal Of Dinosaur Toys To Children ?

Dinosaur Train toys

Most children go through a dinosaur phase. They would like to discover everything about them. The unpronounceable names, the absorbing fossils, how they interacted with each other and how they went extinct. And more often than not this means they like to have fun with dinosaur toys as it helps them discover more about them in a fun and engaging way. Hence maybe the initial thing to regard is why kids are so spell-bound with these creatures ?

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What’s The Appeal Of Dinosaurs ?

I guess children are mesmerized by dinosaurs as they are the archetype huge monster. Massive creatures like the T-Rex make an instant and unerasable imprint on a child’s mind. For example, they see the razor sharp teeth, swishing tail and hear the blaring roar of the T-Rex in the Jurassic park movie and can’t fail to be in awe. They look like nothing that life has so far shown them and just have to know more. And when the child realizes that the frightening animals are extinct, true curiosity can replace any real scariness and dread.

And if this scary monster slant doesn’t work (younger children won’t be so aware of this), there are lovable dinosaur characters which become the infants companion or something to have fun with.  Barney the singing dinosaur is a perfect instance of appealing to tiny tots without being scary, his style is to be friendly. The Flintstones had a pet dinosaur, but that’s going back a few years now.

Most of these characters are basically given human motivations and concerns to make them more relatable to children. They act like humans and do the kind of things that humans would do. And typically these issues are the kind of things young kids would be dealing with in their every day lives. In the instance of the Dinosaur train, they live in a family and have squabbles with their brothers and sisters. So youngsters can instantly sympathise what is going on since it’s happening to them too. Nevertheless they also look cool because they are dinosaurs.

So kids enjoy dinosaurs since they are truly fascinating and this fascination is encouraged  by adults because we are fascinated by them too (if the saturation in popular culture is anything to go by) Thus grown ups and kids are equally fascinated by these long dead animals but adults like to be more circumspect about their interest.

So How Do Dinosaur Toys Fit Into The Picture ?

Dinosaur toys bring kids closer to these fascinating creatures. They let them literally walk with dinosaurs and use their imagination and learning to make the animals live again.

The Dinosaur Train series is a good example – they learn about dinosaurs – the types, when they lived, what they did and what happened to them. With a few of the toys – the characters and the train for instance, kids can act out their own episodes and interact with the characters, taking the learning in their own direction. It lets kids get more involved in the action and direct what goes on.

Moving the toys, putting them in poses and imagining how they would act together is a far more engaging and rewarding educational experience than watching a TV show in many ways.

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Other popular Dinosaur toys include remote control pets like D-Rex or even Spike. Kids love these kinds of toys because they are given a little responsibility and have to care for another creature (even though it is not a live creature, kids have a pretty rich imagination). For children that essentially have to live by their parents or older siblings rules, having something that they can control or even confide in is a good feeling.


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